Turbine Power Generation

锻造涡轮机 - 运动发电

现代涡轮机几乎会产生世界上所有的电力。在Sc188bet体育开户注册ot Forge,我们知道保持您的涡轮机转动以保持动力流向基本操作的重要性。我们敬业的发电团队可以扩展您的团队,以确保最佳的材料,制造和可追溯性,因此您的项目可以充满信心地充满信心

Turbine Generator Forged Parts

  • Forged Shafts - Drive shaft and Rotor shafts
  • 锻造管 - 叶轮
  • Forged Disks - Turbine Wheel Components
  • 锻造块 - 轴承块独特
  • 锻造形状 - 刀片和叶片
  • Forged Seamless Rolled Rings - Retainer rings


借助我们在超过125年的锻造中学到的知识,Scot Forge员工拥有者专业地为蒸汽轮机制作了OEM零件,包括转子,轴,固定戒指和188bet体育开户注册Superalloys的刀片。我们的内部冶金团队可以帮助您修复和更换需要GE,西门子或三菱Hitachi规格的蒸汽轮机的组件,以降低氧化风险并改善耐腐蚀性。寿命和重新思考设计的增加是我们提高零件性能的专业。

Combined Cycle Power Plants

As the world embarks on lowering carbon emissions, we have seen the development of systems such as the Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) and the Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) systems. These systems create energy more efficiently by integrating gas and steam turbines. The gas turbine's hot exhaust is passed through a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) to power the steam turbine. Since Scot Forge regularly aids in the design and repair of both steam and gas turbines, many in the power generation industry view us as the go-to for consultations on forgability. We are a trusted partner in emergencies and a reliable resource to keep projects on time. We have experience forging 400 series stainless bar, superalloys and custom material, allowing us to solve your toughest challenges.

Natural Gas Power Turbines

Scot Forge forging expertise extends into gas power turbines. We have experience working with Power Generation OEM part specifications, like those from GE for the F-class turbines and, in more recent years, the air-cooled H-class gas turbines. Our in-house team of metallurgists has Ph.D. expertise in grades such as 400 series stainless steel, 4300 low alloys, 10Cr ferritic/martensitic heat-resistant steel, 706 and 718. This knowledge allows us to forge and heat treat components to reduce fatigue risk --including creep-fatigue.

Hydrogen Turbines

In recent years, another avenue for lowering carbon emissions is hydrogen turbine exploration because they allow fuel flexibility. As a result, hydrogen turbines could potentially bridge the gap between wind power, solar power and the country's demand. We understand the need to work with high heat requirements and focus on material design to ensure quality and reliability. For example, in the aerospace sector, we saw a need for an improved aluminum. Through collaboration, we developed a proprietary material and thermal processing to meet the market's unique demand. You can learn more about this project by downloading our case study.


Dedicated Technical Expertise

Our technically trained Power Generation Services Team, backed by metallurgists and forging experts, work with you to discover ways to reduce long-term costs and improve lead times. Our industry specialists are ready to help you meet your design challenges and program objectives, working as an extension of your team from quote to delivery.

Fast Delivery & Emergency Response

在Sc188bet体育开户注册ot Forge,我们了解按时交付的重要性,尤其是在计划外停战等关键情况下。我们提供了加快的时间选择,以分解和紧急订单需要在紧急情况下立即生产响应。

A Vast Inventory of Materials


Flexible Sizes, Shapes and Quantities


Scot Forge Difference

在Sc188bet体育开户注册ot Forge,我们知道按预期进行按时获得您的零件的重要性。但是,对于新手获得怀的客户而言,订购符合最终用途应用程序规格的锻造可能是一个挑战,这就是为什么寻找值得信赖的供应商和合作伙伴至关重要的原因。我们的员工所有者在这里确保您的项目通过提供的姿势保持良好的态度:

Pro Tip - Did you know near-net shapes can save you time and money? Oftentimes, a customer calls to order a disc, which they will later machine down to a more shaped part. By working with our technically trained sales team you can get as close to your finished product shape as possible to optimize your production process.

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