Renewable Energy OEMs Are Forging The Future With Scot Forge

At Scot Forge, we know how critical component reliability is to this sector of the energy industry. When companies extract, store, pipe or ship these fuels worldwide, the environment depends on critical components performing as expected when needed. We create precision-crafted, Forged Solutions, which our customers use when quality can’t be compromised. Many aspects of nonrenewable energy demand parts to withstand unforgiving environments with no room for error or failure, which is why OEMs turn to Scot Forge.


Energy Industry Forged Parts

在Sc188bet体育开户注册ot Forge,我们可以在常规能源过程的各个部分锻造形状​​。从采矿和钻井到转换,运输和从自然资源中存储常规能源,我们锻造发电机,压缩机,变速箱,热交换器,吹风机等。

  • 轴:大型柴油发动机,工业燃气轮机和控制杆驱动机构(CRDMS)的连杆
  • 空心管:能量储能套管,反应堆压力容器(RPV),沸水反应堆(BWRS),核废料存储容器和小型模块化反应器(SMR
  • 光盘和空白: nuclear grid blanks and industrial gas turbines, impellers, tube sheets and nozzles
  • Complex Shapes: Nuclear waste storage container hatching
  • 其他形状:套管,垫片,离心碗,轴承块,贝壳和过渡锥
  • 戒指:泵轴承和密封件,inconel端环,起重机齿轮

Oil & Gas

Extracting, such as deep-sea drill or fracking, and refining, such as petrochemical or oil refinement, require components to withstand high heat, pressure and corrosive environments during these processes, making forgings an ideal choice for the Oil & Gas industry power production. As crude oil is a fossil fuel that's used to make gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, heating oil, lubricating oils and asphalt, our team understands that on-time delivery can be just as critical as part reliability. From ram and annular blowout preventers (bodies, doors/bonnets) to pinions and bull gears, our forgings exceed expectations.


矿业natural gas is a process that looks the same as drilling for oil. Rock formations that contain natural gas deposits are drilled into until the gas deposit is located, with different places containing different types of natural gas:

  1. Conventional natural gas is in large cracks and spaces in rock formations
  2. Shale gas or unconventional natural gas is in tiny pores within rocks
  3. 相关的天然气是原油沉积物

Freshly mined natural gas contains natural gas liquids (NGLs) like ethane, propane, butanes, pentanes and water vapor. This wet natural gas is then processed to remove the NGLs from the methane, which is then used for fuel. From drill heads for mining gas to hollow tubes for piping natural gas, our decades of experience, along with the time-tested relationships we have built with finishing shops, gives us the ability to help you reduce your material costs and allow us to support you and your timelines.

Nuclear Power



即使世界转向可再生能源,coal is still one of the top energy-producing resources in the world, second to oil. On the other hand, in terms of electricity, coal generates more than 23 percent of the world's electricity mix, according to

There are four types of coal:

Met Coal (Coke Coal)

  1. Anthracite coal with the highest heating value contains 86-97 percent carbon and is used in the metals industry.

  2. 沥青煤是美国发现的最丰富的类型,含有45-86%的碳,通常用于产生能量并制造铁和钢

  1. 最低热值的亚竞争煤含有35-45%的碳。

  2. Lignite coal has the most moisture and lowest energy content; it contains 25-35 percent carbon and is used to generate electricity.

With expertise in forging components for mining, which are found in the biggest trucks globally, draglines and electric rope shovels, along with competencies in concrete and asphalt industries, we offer a partnership that includes more than just manufacturing. We have the engineering skills to keep the mines running and the energy flowing.

准时交货 - 我们的优先级

由于在行业工作的悠久历史,我们了解准时交付的重要性。SCOT188bet体育开户注册 FORGE发电服务团队在授予后的要求和奖项后,从物质过程到NDE程序都得到了良好的措施。我们知道正确的步骤以便准时交付您的产品。


我们在t发电服务团队知道imes of unplanned outages or critical situations, thousands—if not millions—of dollars can be lost each day. As a result, we have established an emergency response program that allows for daily entry of breakdown and rush orders for immediate production response.


We maintain an extensive inventory of ferrous and non-ferrous materials and can quickly provide vacuum degassed air melt, ESR or VAR for improved cleanliness levels. Our parts are supplied using the highest-quality material available. Power generation-specific materials include carbon, alloy, stainless steel, copper base, nickel base and custom-melt alloys that meet OEM specifications.



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At Scot Forge, we know the importance of getting your parts on-time, as expected. However, for customers new to procuring forgings, ordering a forging that will meet all specifications for end-use applications may be a challenge, which is why finding a trusted supplier and partner is essential. Our employee-owners are here to ensure your project stays on track with our forgings by offering:

专家提示 - 您知道近网状形状可以节省您的时间和金钱吗?通常,客户呼吁订购光盘,后来他们会将其调低到更形状的部分。通过与我们的技术训练的销售团队合作,您可以尽可能接近成品形状,以优化您的生产过程。