Forging 101 - What Is Forging?

在最基本的层面上,锻造是通过使用锤击,按下或滚动来形成和塑造金属的过程。该过程始于起始库存,通常是铸造铸币(或已经从铸锭中伪造的“ s齿”坯料),该铸币的变热温度已加热到其塑料变形温度,然后在死亡之间沮丧或“揉捏”到所需的形状和大小。


Comparative Analysis


  • Forgings v. Machined Bar
  • Forging v. Weldments/Fabrications
  • 锻造诉铸件
  • Forging v. Centrifugal Castings
  • Forging v. Torch Cut Plate
  • 锻造v。封闭的死亡/印象锻造

Metal Forging Process

When buyers must select a process and supplier for the production of a critical metal component, they face an enormous array of possible alternatives. Many metalworking processes are now available, each offering a unique set of capabilities, costs and advantages. The forging process is ideally suited to many part applications; however, some buyers may be unaware of the exclusive benefits available only from this form of metal forming. In fact, forging is often the optimum process, in terms of both part quality and cost, especially for applications that require maximum part strength, custom sizes or critical performance specifications.

There are several forging processes available, including impression or closed die, cold forging, and extrusion. However, here we will discuss in detail the methods, application and comparative benefits of the open die and seamless rolled ring forging processes. We invite you to consider this information when selecting the optimum process for the production of your metal parts.





Forging can create a myriad of sizes and shapes with enhanced properties when compared to castings or assemblies.

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Scot Forge Difference

At Scot Forge, we know the importance of getting your parts on-time, as expected. However, for customers new to procuring forgings, ordering a forging that will meet all specifications for end-use applications may be a challenge, which is why finding a trusted supplier and partner is essential. Our employee-owners are here to ensure your project stays on track with our forgings by offering:

Pro Tip - Did you know near-net shapes can save you time and money? Oftentimes, a customer calls to order a disc, which they will later machine down to a more shaped part. By working with our technically trained sales team you can get as close to your finished product shape as possible to optimize your production process.

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