ABS certification costs time and money. Certification inspectors are on-site at your facility during manufacturing, construction, or fabrication to verify that your processes meet the standards - and you pay for the time they are on-site. So, it’s important that you understand the Rule requirements for your product to identify the stages in your supply chain where inspection and certification should occur. By doing so, you’ll save your company time and money, and minimize the risk of your products not being certified. Some simple steps can provide you with cost and time savings.

The Scot Forge Advantage

At Scot Forge, we are uniquely qualified to provide you with ABS-certified products and materials. We are one of the few U.S. companies that have been audited by the American Bureau of Shipping and APPROVED as a worldwide ABS forging supplier. Our technically trained sales staff has extensive experience manufacturing ABS-certified products and will partner with you to ensure that your part has all the requirements to ensure certification while minimizing time and costs. We are a custom manufacturer of open die forgings and seamless rolled rings, with the capability to forge parts up to 100,000 lbs. and roll rings up to 252” in diameter. From gear box repair to broken rudder stock, contact us at today see how we can help you with your marine part and get you out of dry dock and back in commission.

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The Rules and Grades established by ABS for certification are written to provide standards for the design, construction, and periodic survey of marine vessels and offshore structures to promote their safe design and assembly. Materials, parts, and components used in the manufacture of marine vessels and structures must meet the set standards for the vessel or structure in which they will be used.


The end use of the component determines the inspections and certifications required, as well as any requirements for inspections during manufacturing:

  • Certain components used in the construction of the vessel or structure must be certified
  • Some of those components must be certified (inspected) as they are being constructed or fabricated to verify that the construction meets ABS standards
  • Some materials must be certified during manufacturing; this will minimize the need for additional certification during construction or fabrication


Scot Forge Difference

在Sc188bet体育开户注册ot Forge,我们知道按预期进行按时获得您的零件的重要性。但是,对于新手获得怀的客户而言,订购符合最终用途应用程序规格的锻造可能是一个挑战,这就是为什么寻找值得信赖的供应商和合作伙伴至关重要的原因。我们的员工所有者在这里确保您的项目通过提供的姿势保持良好的态度:

Pro Tip - Did you know near-net shapes can save you time and money? Oftentimes, a customer calls to order a disc, which they will later machine down to a more shaped part. By working with our technically trained sales team you can get as close to your finished product shape as possible to optimize your production process.

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