Forgings For ABS: Cost & Risk Minimization

Working in the marine and offshore industries or supplying products for marine applications often requires ABS certification. Understanding where in the manufacturing or construction process the certification is required and working with your suppliers can help you minimize costs and production delays while ensuring that your products obtain the certifications needed.

ABS认证花费时间和金钱。认证检查员在制造,施工或制造过程中在您的设施上进行现场现场,以验证您的流程是否符合标准 - 并且您为现场的时间付费。因此,重要的是要了解产品的规则要求,以确定应进行检查和认证的供应链中的阶段。这样,您将节省公司的时间和金钱,并最大程度地减少未经认证的产品的风险。一些简单的步骤可以为您节省成本和时间。


在Sc188bet体育开户注册ot Forge,我们具有独特的资格,可以为您提供ABS认证的产品和材料。我们是美国航运局审核并被批准为全球腹部锻炼供应商的少数美国公司之一。我们经过技术培训的销售人员拥有丰富的制造ABS认证产品的丰富经验,并将与您合作,以确保您的作品具有确保认证的所有要求,同时降低时间和成本。我们是开放式伪装和无缝滚动环的定制制造商,能够伪造高达100,000磅的零件。并滚动直径为252英寸。从齿轮箱维修到破碎的舵库,请立即与我们联系,看看我们如何帮助您解决海洋零件,并使您摆脱干燥的码头并重新委托。

Click here to download the使用ABS认证PDF.


The American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) was chartered in 1862 to certify ship captains. Since then, it has been involved in developing and setting safety and quality standards for ships and offshore structures. ABS standards are recognized globally and are used to ensure that the materials, parts and components, and construction of vessels and marine equipment meet established safety standards. ABS works with the marine industry worldwide as they develop new technologies for constructing marine vessels and offshore structures, revising and updating its certifications to meet the changing industry needs.


Certifications are specified by the Rules, such as Steel Vessel Rules part 2-3-7/1, or MODU (mobile offshore drilling unit) Rules, or the material grade, such as Grade 2, or Grade 4C.


  • 在船舶或结构建造中使用的某些组件必须经过认证
  • 这些组件中的一些必须经过认证(检查),以验证构造是否符合ABS标准
  • 制造过程中必须有一些材料经过认证;这将最大程度地减少在施工或制造过程中需要额外认证的需求

Information about ABS certifications can be found

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专家提示 - 您知道近网状形状可以节省您的时间和金钱吗?通常,客户呼吁订购光盘,后来他们会将其调低到更形状的部分。通过与我们的技术训练的销售团队合作,您可以尽可能接近成品形状,以优化您的生产过程。