Forge Consultation & Engineering

我们的Forge Engineering团队为您的项目带来了90多年的综合经验,其中包括第一手锻造和现代伪造模拟技术。他们开发了一种独特的半闭合锻造技术,可以通过近乎封闭的模具形状的开放式锻造灵活性。这种方法允许将碎片从铸件或捏造转换为曾经被认为是不可能或具有成本效益的锻造的。

Reducing manufacturing costs. Improving part performance. Minimizing material waste

SCOT188bet体育开户注册 FORGE客户价值工程团队将定制锻造专家的知识带入您的工厂工作,帮助您实现长期成本的降低,增强零件性能和提高交货时间:

    Optimized Specifications

    Our technically trained Account Managers, Forge Development team and Metallurgists can increase your product value with customized solutions that meet your existing requirements. Even the simplest material change or process modification has helped many Scot Forge customers realize significant savings.


    • Improve lead times
    • Lower part costs
    • 消除非价值处理
    • Reduce marking costs
    • Enhance quality

    Even the simplest material change or process modification has helped many Scot Forge customers realize significant savings. Below are just a few examples.

    Computer Modeling & Simulation

    Our Forge Engineering team has a full range of simulation capabilities to test and validate material shaping, which will enable more precise tool design and optimal forge process plans. As a result, material and machining requirements are reduced, minimizing costs and turnaround times.

    Forge ModelingForge Modeling


    • Complex shapes
    • Forward extrusion
    • 挤压
    • Gear forming
    • Stress analysis
    • Heat treat modeling
    • 谷物流量特征

    Technical Forging Expertise

    As an extension of your team we provide unmatched technical expertise, discover what we can add to your project in the download below.

    Forging Technical Expertise

    Product specification type



    Previous problems

    • 在客户部分上的过去练习,称正常化,淬火和双重降温。这些实践增加了成本和生产时间。
    • Previous requirements on a customer application called for meeting both a minimum tempering temperature and a hardness range on certain parts. This often resulted in a requenching operation, which lengthened lead times.

    Modified solution

    • By eliminating the normalizing and second tempering operations which were unnecessary, the customer saved over 7¢ per pound, as well as one to two weeks' lead time.
    • Through temperature modification, not only was Scot Forge able to meet the specification the first time, but also shorten the lead time.

    Product specification type



    Previous problems

    • 客户正在寻找满足Brinell要求的装备应用程序的成本援助,以前被指定为4340材料。
    • The customer was previously specifying Vacuum Arc Remelting (VAR) material for a pinion shaft. Lead times were unacceptably long, and the material costs were extremely high.
    Reduced material cost

    Modified solution

    • 4150代替4340的零件降低了10%,同时仍满足Brinell的最低要求。
    • By switching from VAR material to air melt, lead times were reduced by months, and base material costs were reduced by over 45% without sacrificing product quality.

    Product specification type


    Marking stamping

    Previous problems

    • For part identification purposes, a customer previously specified elaborate markings on each part, then routinely machined them off upon receipt.
    Marking stamping

    Modified solution

    • Now a simple purchase order and heat number identify each part, saving time and excess marking costs.

    188bet体育开户注册SCOT FORGE差异

    At Scot Forge, we know the importance of getting your parts on-time, as expected. However, for customers new to procuring forgings, ordering a forging that will meet all specifications for end-use applications may be a challenge, which is why finding a trusted supplier and partner is essential. Our employee-owners are here to ensure your project stays on track with our forgings by offering:

    专家提示 - 您知道近网状形状可以节省您的时间和金钱吗?通常,客户呼吁订购光盘,后来他们会将其调低到更形状的部分。通过与我们的技术训练的销售团队合作,您可以尽可能接近成品形状,以优化您的生产过程。


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