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September 8, 2021

Procuring Forgings: Brokers v Buying Direct

There is a big difference between what a forging manufacturer can do to ensure success and what brokers do to put a good deal together – and the difference could cost you.

技术提供了购买前所未有的组件的方法。您拥有购买和自由的信息和自由,您想要的是您想要的。尽管选择看起来像耐克或阿迪达斯,星巴克或邓肯'和约翰·迪尔或猫一样简单,但这些决定的核心实际上只是偏爱 - 它们的价格大致相同,并且具有相同的质量。但是,您不能将伪造的组件放在同一购买类别中。购买锻造时有很多事情要考虑。这些注意事项对于满足您要求的成本和能力至关重要。因此,了解您要购买的东西是关键,这就是为什么锻造制造商可以做到的事情之间有很大差异的原因,而经纪人可以做些什么来将大量交易融合在一起 - 差异可能会使您付出代价。

On the other hand, working with an experienced forging manufacturer could result in finding a better way to produce your component. This better way could be to choose a more suitable material for your application or manufacture your118bet金宝博电话 , which would enable producing your part more economically to save on material and downstream operations like machining,热处理和运输。

此外,与锻造制造商合作时,对您的业务的兴趣是长期的。在Sc188bet体育开户注册ot Forge,我们重视关系,并且不将您的项目视为“一个人”。由于我们的最低订单数量是一个,因此只要您的组件属于我们的最小尺寸要求,就不会太小。此外,由于Scot Forge在内部拥有冶金188bet体育开户注册学家,以及工艺工程师,因此您的组件不仅是最低的价格选择,而且是具有成本效益和可靠的。通过了解您的价值,我们可以确定如何帮助您实现您的目标,这使我们能够找到增加价值的机会。
To support this thought, according to the Total Cost of Ownership Best Value Whitepaper, published by the University of Tennessee, even government agencies that traditionally relied on competitively bid "lowest price" policies have started to deploy Best Value concepts. The example in the paper is of the rebuilding of the I-35 bridge in Minnesota. To balance cost, quality and timeliness as key factors in choosing the contractors that rebuilding the bridge. As a result, they selected a contractor with the highest price – yet had the overall Best Value resulting in one of the most successful bridge construction projects in history, winning dozens of awards and being erected in a staggeringly short timeframe of fewer than 18 months.

因此,在原告方面,找到一个了解您的项目的合作伙伴从长远来看将比与一家公司合作的成本效益要高得多。This is not to say there aren’t brokers out there that do invest in customer relationships and seek to understand the needs of the end-user, but working with a manufacturer such as Scot Forge will help ensure you get your parts to spec on time.

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