188bet体育开户注册Scot Forgestarted from humble beginnings with four brothers, looking for a better future, who traveled from the Shetland Islands in Scotland to America. They found their success in the steel industry and opened a small, six-man hammer forge shop in Chicago in 1893, under the name A. Kropp Forge.

The Chicago area was booming in the 1890s, but by mid-decade a financial panic overtook the nation and in 1914, the company was bought by a group of Ryerson employees and renamed Kruse Forgings. Then, two years later, the name was changed to Atlas Forge partly as a marketing endeavor so the company would be first in the phonebook - listing are alphabetical – and by 1919, Atlas Forge moved to Cicero, Illinois.

60多年后,威斯康星州克林顿建造了一家新的Greenfield制造厂。这个不寻常的植物位置是由于伊利诺伊州的固定噪声法阻碍了西塞罗植物的生长。在这一点上,1977年,公司名称将再次更改为Scot Forge,苏格兰汉兰达成为公司徽标的一部分。188bet体育开户注册与新名称一起,还有一个独特的促销工具 - 人员穿着格子呢服装。

持续的增长创造了在伊利诺伊州斯普林格罗夫(Spring Grove)建造的第三个制造工厂的需求,该工厂成为苏格兰福克(Scot Forge)的永久总部。188bet体育开户注册此外,在1978年,拥有家族决定将公司出售给SCOT FORGE员工启动员工股票所有权计划(ESOP)。188bet体育开户注册

该公司从1985年至1997年继续增长。西塞罗工厂搬到了伊利诺伊州富兰克林公园,苏格兰福奇建立了两种合作伙伴关系,这些伙伴关系变成了加入的风险投资者 - 环马斯特斯和北美遗忘者(NAF)。188bet体育开户注册

Today, Scot Forge operates with more than 1.3 million sq.ft. of manufacturing space between the five plants and we ship more than 250 million lbs. of forgings annually. We are proud to be a 100% employee-owned manufacturer of custom, open die forgings and seamless rolled rings.

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1893年,A. Kropp Forge Company仅仅是一家铁匠铺,工人手工执行所有任务。芝加哥地区在1890年代蓬勃发展,但在十年中,财务恐慌越来越多。

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Business did not recover until the outbreak of World War II. Demand continued after the war and into the Korean War in the early 1950s. This photo shows one of the large hammers placed into service.

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Prior to the use of modern, mobile manipulators and hydraulic presses, forging work was done by hand, with spider-like manual manipulating tools. This picture taken of Scot Forge employees in the Cicero Plant, shows that workers had to be strong, hardy and filled with stamina to handle the demands of the physical labor.

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The addition of this 8,000 lb. hammer with the innovative rotator allowed Scot Forge to enter the forged round bar market with the steel service centers.

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Plant and office staff pose for this 1948 photo. A. Kropp and Company had been incorporated as the Kruse Forgings company in 1914 and the name was changed to Atlas Forging Company in 1916. It wouldn't be known as Scot Forge Company until 1978, coinciding with the institution of the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).



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在Sc188bet体育开户注册ot Forge,每个员工所有者都致力于通过安全地提供最高质量的宽容和服务来实现总客户满意度的目标。

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At Scot Forge, we know the importance of getting your parts on-time, as expected. However, for customers new to procuring forgings, ordering a forging that will meet all specifications for end-use applications may be a challenge, which is why finding a trusted supplier and partner is essential. Our employee-owners are here to ensure your project stays on track with our forgings by offering:

专家提示 - 您知道近网状形状可以节省您的时间和金钱吗?通常,客户呼吁订购光盘,后来他们会将其调低到更形状的部分。通过与我们的技术训练的销售团队合作,您可以尽可能接近成品形状,以优化您的生产过程。